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What Our Students Saying

Great course, tutor was really good with explaining and marking. [She] gave me new ideas for my garden and hints for it too. Learning so many new things about growing different vegetables, how to grow them and what to do. All about soils and garden plots.

Amisha Patel

It has been an eye opener! I am now living in a different world, my whole perspective to life and nature has changed and now I cherish it more.  It has broadened my mind and advanced my level of looking at things in my every day work as well. [My tutor] encouraged me a lot and that kept me going.  She would give more positive constructive correction where necessary as if it was not that bad at all.  She has been supportive and understanding.

Krishika Jain

Plenty of information set out in an easy to understand format. I really enjoy(ed the) the discussions and assignment work.

Rita Shah

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