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Building Robot Vehicle

"Recognizing that 80% of a child's critical development occurs during the early years, we at GuruKool Academy are dedicated to nurturing holistic inquisitiveness in young minds. Our innovative 'learning by doing' methodology extends beyond the classroom, ensuring a comprehensive developmental approach.

Our workshops are designed to seamlessly blend education with entertainment, creating an engaging learning experience we like to call 'edutainment'. Each day, children dive into a new educational theme, fostering deep engagement and understanding. By immersing themselves in activities related to this theme, children stay focused, reinforcing key concepts in space education."

Explore the world of science with our workshops!


The Cloak of Invisibility

Much like the world of Hogwarts, where Harry Potter was granted the extraordinary ability of invisibility through Dumbledore's magical cloak, we invite young explorers to embark on an adventure. Together, let's craft our very own magical cloak, and step into a world where the impossible becomes possible – a world where invisibility is within reach.


Stories of Universe

"Embark on a captivating journey through the cosmos, from the majestic birth of stars to the cosmic death of the stars to the enigmatic formation of black holes and neutron stars. Join us on a voyage that transcends the boundaries of time and space, unlocking the mysteries that have fascinated humanity for generations.

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